Series: Coffee with Shay (Oleato Cold Brew Cold Foam)

This is perhaps one of my favorite creations. The Oleato Copy Cat.

Equipment used:

  • Vitamix A3500 Blender with Aer Disc Container
  • Mason Jar Cold Brew Maker
  • Fellow Products Ode Gen 2 Grinder

Ingredients I use:

Cold Brew:

  • 70g Heirloom Coffee Roasters Sugar Phoenix Blend
  • 1500g Filtered Water

Cold Foam:

  • 150g Skim Milk
  • 17g Monin Brown Butter Toffee Syrup
  • 7g Partanna Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Cold Brew

  1. Grind 70g Coffee to setting 10 (Medium High Coarse) on Fellow Ode Gen 2 Grinder
  2. Add Coffee to Mason Jar Filter
  3. Add 1500g of filtered water to Mason Jar
  4. Submerge filter in water
  5. Close and let sit for 10+ hours in fridge

Cold Foam

  1. Add 150g of Skim Milk to Aer Disc Container
  2. Add 7g Partanna Sicilian Olive Oil
  3. Add 17g Monin Brown Butter Toffee Syrup
  4. Blend on setting 6 for 1 minute

Assemble and Enjoy!